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#Upskirt #show #sexy Tv Presenters. Засветы девушек на шоу. #Эротическое #шоу #телеведущих.#Сексуальные #ножки #ведущих разных программ, всегда привлекали много зрителей. Согласитесь, что всегда приятно смотреть любую #телепередачу, если ее ведет талантливая и привлекательная #ведущая. Ведь так? Специально для вас я подготовил небольшую подборку самых сексуальных теледив российского и мирового телевидения. Приятного просмотра, друзья ;)#Hot #Sexy #Legs On #TV show/ Sexy TV #PresentersResearchers have spent far less time studying men’s attraction to #women’s #legs than the typical man on the street devotes to gazing at them . . . and maybe finding himself spellbound by them. So—to heterosexual males at least—what’s so special about #female gams?In preparation for this post, I first examined what evolutionary biologists have theorized about this phenomenon, and found most of their findings limited and inconclusive. Two of scientists' discoveries, however (see, e.g., “Why do men lust after #women with #long #legs?”, Quora.com), seem to confirm what most men (lay experts that they are!) already grasp intuitively. That is, studies have shown that (1) men prefer women with #longer than average legs, and (2) they also favor women who have a higher leg length to body ratio —and, interestingly, the opposite is true of women’s preferences in men.Still, my later investigation of several Web forums centering on this age-old, so-intriguing topic was much more fertile. And they are what constitute the main focus of this post. In essence, what I learned from these forums is that a man’s bestowing so much attention on a woman’s legs is perhaps best understood as a kind of “visual foreplay” for them.Curiously, many forum respondents contrast women’s legs to their breasts and buttocks (in the vernacular, commonly referred to as “T & A”). In these comparisons, female gams are generally perceived as more suggestive, sensual, and seductive—whereas T & A are viewed as much more “in your face” sexual. One discussant, for example, sees women’s legs (along with their eyes) as representing the very “core of feminine sensuality,” proclaiming them a “soft whisper,” compared to the “loud trumpet” of more intimate, or private, parts of the female anatomy (see “Why do men find women’s #legs so attractive?”, Quora.com).They have to be interesting in some way, not boring. I love more muscular/athletic types of women legs, or little bit fatter with nice curves. What I don’t like and don’t understand about today’s modeling standards, are those long, thin, boring sticks. I don’t find them sexy or interesting at all. At least in my opinion.These are a perfect women legs for me:#Засветы #российских и #зарубежных #звезд.И #русские, и #зарубежные звезды страдают от того, что принято называть #засветы - #случайного #обнажения интимных частей тела. #Сексуальные #ножки, #под #юбкой у звезд, под блузкой, под юбкой, #Вуайеризм и Эксгибиционизм#Sexy #Legs, #Upskirt, #downblouse, #tits, #Voyeurism and #Exhibitionism, #crossed #legs. Сексуальные засветы красавиц телеведущих

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